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Simulate a findAll to a fixture.


store.findAll(request) simulates a request to get a list items from the server. It supports the following params:

  • order - order=name ASC
  • group - group=name
  • limit - limit=20
  • offset - offset=60
  • id filtering - ownerId=5


  1. request {Object}

    The ajax request object. The available parameters are:

    • order {String}

      The order of the results. order: 'name ASC'

    • group {String}

      How to group the results. group: 'name'

    • limit {String}

      A limit on the number to retrieve. limit: 20

    • offset {String}

      The offset of the results. offset: 60

    • id {String}

      Filtering by ID. id: 5



a response object like:

    count: 1000,
    limit: 20,
    offset: 60,
    data: [item1, item2, ...]


  • count - the number of items that match any filtering before limit and offset is taken into account
  • offset - the offset passed
  • limit - the limit passed
  • data - an array of JS objects with each item's properties