Say "Hello World"

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In CanJS, content is displayed using templates. Instead of manually changing elements in the DOM, you create a template and CanJS automatically updates the page from the data in your application code.


In the template section of myapp.html, put the following:

<script type="text/mustache" id="app-template">

This template displays the value of message.

Pass message to the Template

Templates are rendered with can.view, which takes two arguments: the first is the id of the template, and the second is the data passed to the template (in this case, an object with a message property).

Render the template with a message and insert it into the page with:

// Give message a value
var data = {message: "Hello World!"};

// Pass the id of the template and the data, containing our message to can.view
var frag = can.view("app-template", data);

//Load the DocumentFragment in the page
$("#my-app").html( frag )

frag is a DocumentFragment. A DocumentFragment is a lightweight container of HTMLElements that can be inserted in the page quickly. They can be used anywhere a normal HTMLElement is used.