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Now that 2.0 is out, we’re setting our sights on the future. Help us get there by ranking issues and features on bithub and fixing them!


There’s more than code that goes into a library. Checkout how we’re working to improve CanJS's community:

We are developing to track all community content. Earn points that you can trade for swag by posting apps, articles, events and plugins. Rank bugs and features to let us and the rest of the community know where to focus.


We’ve started meetups across the US. Bitovi provides monthly training and workshop material. Checkout meetup for meetups and for other events.

DOM mutation observers

With CanJS 2.0, you can listen to "inserted" and "removed" events in every browser. We want to make it possible to listen to other DOM mutation events, making it easier to create custom elements that feel completely native.

LazyMap and LazyList

We want our observable layer to handle anything you throw at it. We’ve started work on a LazyMap and LazyList that experiences almost no initialization penalty. As you read nested objects, it converts them into LazyMaps and LazyLists.

Furthermore, we want to setup bubbling only when it’s necessary and not by default. This will reduce the number of events, improving performance.

Component improvements

can.Component is designed to resemble web components. As that specification takes shape, we will make sure can.Component makes use of it. Future improvements:

  • A select attribute on <content>.
  • In-page custom elements.
  • Iterable <content> for lists.

Super Model

We want to create list-store that makes complex real-time apps easy to build. It will include a fall-through localStorage cache that decreases page load times.

Dirty checking computes

Want to use plain old objects in can.Component? We’re looking to create a compute that checks its value periodically. Hopefully this becomes unnecessary as object mutation observers and proxies arrive in more browsers.

Deferreds and Computes

Ever had a compute that represents a deferred that represents an observable list? We have. We want to make it easy to nest computes and deferreds like you can with Lists and Maps.