• function

Call a callback when a Deferred resolves.



  1. deferred {Deferred | Object}

    The Deferred, AJAX, or normal Objects to call the callback on.



deferred if deferred is a Deferred, otherwise a Deferred that resolves to deferred.

can.when(deferred) provides the ability to execute callback function(s) typically based on a Deferred or AJAX object.

This is a wrapper API for the underlying library being used. If you're using jQuery, this is a wrapper API for jQuery.when;

can.when( can.ajax('api/farm/animals') ).then(function(animals){
    alert(animals); //-> alerts the ajax response

You can also use this to wait for the results of multiple deferreds.

can.when( can.ajax('api/farm/animals'), can.ajax('api/farm/beacons') ).then(function(animals, beacons){
    // perform some logic using both the animals and beacons data

You can also use this for regular JavaScript objects.

$.when({ animals: [ 'cat' ] }).done(function(value){
    alert(value.animals[0]); //-> alerts 'cat'