• function

Listen for events on an object., eventName, handler)


  1. target {Object}

    The object that emits events.

  2. eventName {String}

    The name of the event to listen for.

  3. handler {function()}

    The function to execute when the event occurs.



The target.

can.bind(eventName, handler) binds a callback handler on an object for a given event. It works on:

  • HTML elements and the window
  • Objects
  • Objects with bind / unbind methods

The idea is that can.bind can be used on anything that produces events and it will figure out the appropriate way to bind to it. Typically, can.bind is only used internally to CanJS; however, if you are making libraries or extensions, use can.bind to listen to events independent of the underlying library.

Binding to an object

var obj = {};,"something", function(ev, arg1, arg){
    arg1 // 1
    arg2 // 2

Binding to an HTMLElement

var el = document.getElementById('foo'), "click", function(ev){
    this // el