• function

One-way bind a value in the parent scope to the viewModel.


Imports key in the scope to childProp in viewModel. It also updates childProp with the value of key when key changes.

<my-component {some-prop}="value"/>


  1. child-prop {String}

    The name of the property to set in the component's viewmodel.

  2. key {Expressions}

    A KeyLookup or Call expression whose value is used to set as childProp.


Imports key in the scope to childProp property or attribute on the element.

<input {$value}="name"/>

This signature works, but the following should be used instead:

<input value="{{name}}"/>


{child-prop}="key" is used to pass values from the scope to a component. You can use CallExpressions like:

<player-scores {scores}="game.scoresForPlayer('Alison')"/>
<player-scores {scores}="game.scoresForPlayer('Jeff')"/>