{{joinBase args}}

  • function

{{joinBase expr}}

Return an application-relative url for a resource.


  1. expr {can.stache.expression}Optional Variable

    An expression or key that references a value within the current or parent scope.



An application-relative url.

The joinBase helper is used to create urls within your application for static resources, such as images. An example usage:

{{joinBase "hello/" name ".png"}}

Where name is a scope value, this might return http://example.com/app/hello/world.png if the application is http://example.com/app.

The url to join with is determined by the following factors:

  • If attempting to load a relative url, such as {{joinBase "../foo.png"}} and using StealJS the template's address will be used as a reference to look up the location.
  • If the can.baseURL string is set, this will be used.
  • If the System.baseURL is set, this will be used.
  • Lastly we fall back to location.pathname.