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Specify the Map type used to make objects added to this list observable.


When objects are added to a can.List, those objects are converted into can.Map instances. For example:

 var list = new can.List();
 list.push({name: "Justin"});

 var map = list.attr(0);
 map.attr("name") //-> "Justin"

By changing can.List.Map, you can specify a different type of Map instance to create. For example:

 var User = can.Map.extend({
   fullName: function(){
     return this.attr("first")+" "+this.attr("last")

 User.List = can.List.extend({
   Map: User
 }, {});

 var list = new User.List();
 list.push({first: "Justin", last: "Meyer"});

 var user = list.attr(0);
 user.fullName() //-> "Justin Meyer"