• typedef





  1. get {function()}

    A function that retrieves and returns the current value of the compute.

  2. set {function(newVal, oldVal)}

    A function that is used when setting a new value of the compute.

    A function that is called when a compute is called with an argument. The function is passed the first argumented passed to compute and the current value. If set returns a value, it is used to compare to the current value of the compute. Otherwise, get is called to get the current value of the compute and that value is used to determine if the compute has changed values.

    newVal is the value being set, while oldVal is the previous value in the compute.

    • newVal {*}
    • oldVal {*}
  3. on {function(updated)}

    Called to setup binding to dependency events. Call updated when the compute's value needs to be updated.

    • updated {function()}
  4. off {function(function)}

    Called to teardown binding.

    • {function()}