• typedef



An options object used to configure read.



  1. isArgument {Boolean}Optional

    If true, this does not try to evaluate the last value if it is a function or a compute.

    MyMap = can.Map.extend({method: function(){}});
    res = new MyMap(), 
                      {isArgument: true, proxyMethods: false} );
    res === MyMap.prototype.method //-> true
  2. foundObservable {function(observe, readIndex)}Optional

    foundObservable is called when the first observable is found along the path along the read path. It's called with the readIndex where the observable was found.

    var data = {person : new can.Map({name: "Justin"})} data, 
                {foundObservable: function(observe, readIndex){
                  observe === data.person //-> true
                  readIndex //-> 1
                }} )
  3. earlyExit {function(observe, readIndex)}Optional

    Is called if a value is not found.

  4. args {Array}

    An array of arguments to pass to observable prototype methods.

  5. returnObserveMethods {Boolean}Optional

    If true, returns methods found on an observable. Otherwise, it will call the function with args as arguments and return the value.

    var Dog = can.Map.extend({
      age: function(){
        return this.attr("years")*7
    var dog = new Dog({years: 3});,"age",{}) //-> 21,
               {returnObserveMethods: true})() //-> 21
  6. proxyMethods=true {Boolean}Optional

    Set to false to return just the function, preventing returning a function that always calls the original function with this as the parent.