• function

can.route.url( data [, merge] )

Make a URL fragment that when set to window.location.hash will update can.route's properties to match those in data.


  1. data {Object}

    The data to populate the route with.

  2. merge {Boolean}Optional

    Whether the given options should be merged into the current state of the route.



The route URL and query string.

Similar to link, but instead of creating an anchor tag, can.route.url creates only the URL based on the route options passed into it.

can.route.url( { type: "videos", id: 5 } )
     // -> "#!type=videos&id=5"

If a route matching the provided data is found the URL is built from the data. Any remaining data is added at the end of the URL as & separated key/value parameters.


can.route.url( { type: "videos", id: 5 } ) // -> "#!videos/5"
can.route.url( { type: "video", id: 5, isNew: false } )
     // -> "#!video/5&isNew=false"