• typedef

{Array<documentFragment | String | Element | contentArray>}


An array of things that can be converted to a document fragment with can.frag. ContentArray's can be returned by helper methods.

Array<documentFragment | String | Element | contentArray>

An array that has the following as possible children:

  • documentFragment
  • String
  • Element
  • Other contentArray's


ContentArray's can be used to combine multiple HTMLElements into a single document fragment. For example:

var p = document.createElement("p");
p.innerHTML = "Welcome to <b>CanJS</b>";
var contentArray = ["<h1>Hi There</h1>", p];
var frag = can.frag( contentArray )

frag will be a documentFragment with the following elements:

<h1>Hi There</h1>
<p>Wlecome to <b>CanJS</b></p>