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makeFindAll is a hook that lets you define special findAll behavior. It is a generator function that lets you return the function that will actually be called when findAll is called.

can.Model.makeFindAll: function(findAllData) -> findAll

Returns the external findAll method given the implemented findAllData function.


  1. findAllData {findAllData(params)}

    findAll is implemented with a String, ajax settings object, or findAllData function. If it is implemented as a String or ajax settings object, those values are used to create a findAllData function.

    The findAllData function is passed to makeFindAll. makeFindAll should use findAllData internally to get the raw data for the request.


{function(params, success, error)}

Returns function that implements the external API of findAll.


When a user calls MyModel.findAll({}), the function returned by makeFindAll will be called. Here you can specify what you want to happen before the real request for data is made. Call the function passed in findAllData with params to make the AJAX request, or whatever the external request for data normally does.

makeFindAll can be used to implement base models that perform special behavior, like caching, or adding special parameters to the request object. makeFindAll is passed a findAllData function that retrieves raw data. It should return a function that when called, uses the findAllData function to get the raw data and manually convert it to model instances with models.


The following uses makeFindAll to create a base CachedModel:

CachedModel = can.Model.extend({
  makeFindAll: function(findAllData){
    // A place to store requests
    var cachedRequests = {};

    return function(params, success, error){
      // is this not cached?
      if(! cachedRequests[JSON.stringify(params)] ) {
        var self = this;
        // make the request for data, save deferred
        cachedRequests[JSON.stringify(params)] =
            // convert the raw data into instances
            return self.models(data)
      // get the saved request
      var def = cachedRequests[JSON.stringify(params)]
      // hookup success and error
      return def;

The following Todo model will never request the same list of todo's twice:

Todo = CachedModel({
  findAll: "/todos"

// widget 1

// widget 2