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Works with: jQuery, Zepto, Dojo, Mootools, YUI

CanJS is a JavaScript library that makes developing complex applications simple and fast. Easy-to-learn, small, and unassuming of your application structure, but with modern features like custom tags and 2-way binding. Creating apps is easy and maintainable.

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Simple To Use

Observables and live binding do the work for you.

var Todo = can.Model.extend({
  findAll: 'GET /todos',
  findOne: 'GET /todos/{id}',
  update: 'PUT /todos/{id}',
  destroy: 'DELETE /todos/{id}'
}, {});

  tag: 'todos-app',
  scope: {
    selectedTodo: null,
    todos: new Todo.List({}),
    select: function(todo){
      this.attr('selectedTodo', todo);
    save: function(todo) {;
  <h2>Todays to-dos</h2>
  <input type="text"
    {{#each todos}}
      <input type="checkbox"
      <span class="{{#if complete}}done{{/if}}"
      <button ($click)="destroy()"></button>
</todos-app> Embed